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Friday, May 27, 2016

RJ Comer | The Moon Ain't Fallen on Me Yet

RJ Comer sings from the depths of his soul. His approach to music is passionate and shrouded in confidence. His new single, "The Moon Ain't Fallen on Me Yet" has more than just a story to tell. It's a testament of the human soul and the drive to keep on living life to the fullest potential.

The opening line, "Angels love me, but the Devil owns me..." sets the stage for this song to paint the intense drama that is about to be unfolded. The music has intense dynamics that keep the mood of the song captivating, which only adds more drama to the atmosphere. RJ's vocals cut through the mix and bring you right into his world where you are face-to-face with him as he tells his story. The style of his performance is reminiscent of the beloved soul rock tracks from the 70's, but with a much more modern approach to mixing and presentation.

Fans of Blues, Rock, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, The Doors, & Urge Overkill will find RJ Comer speaks your music. His style of music will appeal to your desire for some new tunes without straying too far from your favorites. In fact, he will most likely be joining your favorites playlist. Check him out today and start listening to your new favorite tunes.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The New Position | Cheating Death

The dynamic rock trio, The New Position, has released another smash hit! "Cheating Death" is a pillar of emotion and delivers a straight shot to to the gut. The new music video for the song is just another crowing achievement for the trio that continues to reinvent themselves and make waves in the music industry.

The video has a shocking fact, it was filmed at the Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland, CA. This is the famous burial ground for all the damned souls of the Jonestown Massacre.

Modest Goddess delivers another stellar performance on this track. The lyrics are once again deep and insightful. Her vision of music is unmatched in the industry and she continues to impress music critics around the globe. She is a true pioneer in the women's movement among musicians. Her passion and dedication to composing and performing original music has lead many young women to pursuit their dreams and aspirations in the music industry.

Be sure to check out the new TNP album now available: PRECIPICE

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Troy Lindsey Feat Eden Moody | Runners

Troy Lindsey has a new track out and it features the lovely and talented Eden Moody.  "Runners" has a vintage vibe for all you music lovers out there and brings back the smooth sensation in ballads. The mood of this songs is somewhere between the musical crafting of the Cowboy Junkies and Tom Waits. Perfect for all you fans of deep emotional music that tugs at your soul.

Textured with rich vocals and crisp drums, this rock ballad is primed to make an impact on the music world. With lyrics that will get your gears going and start to make you look deep into your own soul. It will be hard for anyone who hears this song to suppress the feelings that it will lure out of your subconsciousness.

Troy and Eden bring more than mood into the music, you can almost touch the passion they pour into the lyrics. Together they construct a powerful musical composition and define a new level of dynamic music. The highs and lows of the track take the listener for an unforgettable ride through their own feelings. Primarily to instill some uncovered emotions or to examine ones that may have already surfaced.

The slow slide guitar and sultry vocals are a perfect combination for anyone in the mood to slow it down and reflect. Expect great things to come from Troy as his music continues to provoke and shake the music industry. Troy is truly a great American musician and embodies the heart and passion that all musicians strive to achieve.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tabitha Elkins | Edge of Nowhere

Tabitha Elkins has released a new single, "Edge of Nowhere" for her new album. The song has a vintage Janis Joplin feel that has waves of emotion packed into the music. Her lyrics convey deep emotion and bring a meaningful perspective to how life can affect all of us. The funky bass line drives the track and gets your foot tapping to the rhythm. 

She is a determined musician that pours every bit of her soul into the music. The ambiance of the music sets the stage for the dramatic performance and envelopes the message. This song has a great Motown rhythm similar to Bonnie Raitt & Sheryl Crow. Plus the vocals spread across the spectrum just like Bruce Springsteen. Tabitha's music will impress fans of rock, pop, and alternative music.

Production quality is top notch on this album. Tabitha has teamed up with some of the industry's best producers to create a song that will last for many years in the hearts of the world. It is great to have new music with such emotion and production quality and we have Rubicon Media to thank for putting their faith in Tabitha's music. 

Tabitha is a talented musician and played most instruments herself, but also recruited musicians hired from "" for ukelele, guitar solos and drums. 

"Upside Down World", coming in May 2016 to CD Baby, Apple iTunes, and Amazon. The album features 10 originals, including new version of viral Youtube hit, Candyland. The album is produced by rapper/producer Steffen Jurkat and is being released this May on Mind Guard Records (single release date: April 22, 2016).