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Monday, August 22, 2016

Endsight | Ghost of John

The funk is alive in the track by Endsightt. Bringing funky rhythm to his rap vibe is gracefully executed by this modern musician. Blending a Western flavor with the funk is not an easy task to achieve. Yet, this track, "Ghost of John," has a groove that will keep you moving through the track and put a lil' hop in your step.

Who knew that John Wayne would influence rap music? Probably no one would have guessed so, but this new track from Endsightt is hot and really gets lodged in your mind. The funk riff combined with the lyrical wizardry sets this track apart from many of the modern tracks that are just pouring out of the Internet these days. It's a relief to have quality musicians that put their heart and soul into their craft. Endsightt has done it again and hopefully will keep doing what he does best. 

Music quality is top notch on this track. Kinda reminds me of a song by Rage Against the Machine, "Ghost of Tom Joad," that came out about 20 years ago. This track has way more funk and definitely has a heavier message. Though there is lots to be said about this new single being released, it's best to hear it for yourself:

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The RA-6600 | Indiana Lights

A new album has emerged from the musical magic of RA-6600. The sultans of vintage sound have just released their new album, "Indiana Lights."  The album has a 60's vibe that resonates on the same mood as the early Beatles albums. The intimate mood of just the drums and piano pull you into the emotion of the music. As you listen to the album from beginning to end, you experience the emotional turbulence of falling in love. 

The raw feeling of the recordings just simplifies your stress and brings you back to your roots. The space in the music is organic and is free from the over-produced modern music epidemic. Purity is a rare gem in this effects saturated music industry. It is a welcome relief to have new music crafted in the art of the old styles. Relax and 'runaway' with the RA-6600. Let the music carry you away to a calm and peaceful state of mind. 

The track, "Walk into the Air" could be the best track on the album. It reminds me of so many of the old vinyl albums that my father would listen to back in the day. That's what makes music great! Being able to stir up emotions and bring back fond memories is why music can reach deep into our souls and remind us of the past. Hats off to the RA-6600 for being genuine and giving us this masterpiece of new sound dripping with the excellence of the old sound. 

Check out the album and more details: