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Friday, December 11, 2015

The Oengus Projekt | Red Skies

The imaginary realm of music is one of majesty and beauty. The Oengus Projekt has recently started work on a new album that will bring the fantasy world of musical imagination back to the world. The first track released from the album is "Red Skies" and it has the flare of wonder and the elegance that Enya brought to the music industry. This album has great potential to be a bright light among the mass produced music of modern society. 

From the first note, I felt tones of surrealism envelop my ears and bring me to a new state of mind. Just as my Pink Floyd albums have done so many times when I need to unwind and escape the repetition of the day to day tasks that loom. "Red Skies" has a fresh new approach to music and the organic feel of the lyrics just blends into the music and brings a new feel to the texture of the sound. A texture that lures you to close your eyes and drift away in to the depths of your own mind. Music like this is so precious and has a deep spiritual connection with our subconsciousness. It helps the hidden side of our minds bloom and reach out to the light.

Take a moment to listen to the new sounds from The Oengus Projekt. They're French Musicians that find influences from all corners of the globe.

CĂ©line Schmink : Lyrics / Music / Lead vocal
Cam: Lyrics / choirs.
Eric Miller : arrangement
Mitch Bontemps : Mix/mastering
Influences : Dream pop / Fantastic.

Red Martian | Slow Motion Samurai

Seattle has a booming music scene and one of the bands that is making headway is Red Martian. The new album, SLOW MOTION SAMURAI, is just another crowning achievement for the seasoned musicians.

The album is like a fine martini that has been shaken, not stirred. There are tones of elegance in the vintage riffs of the guitars. Yet, the album has a remarkably strong modern feel to the composition of the music. Just as bands like Weezer broke ground on establishing a new style of an already popular genre, so does Red Martian take the listener to new heights.

The avant-garde emotion of the album kept me in another frame of mind as each track pulled a new emotion from my consciousness. I like music to travel and move me from the mundane repetition of everyday life. I really like the journey that SLOW MOTION SAMURAI takes me on when I get a moment to zone-out and just sink into the music. A great album for driving, entertaining guests, or just chilling on the beach watching the waves roll in. My favorite track on the album is track #2, Emeraldas. It has a classic sound of the 1970's with the drive and power of modern rock.

SLOW MOTION SAMURAI is currently available for only $6 on Bandcamp.  Go and listen to the album for free on the Bandcamp page. Support musicians by purchasing their music. This is an album that is worthy of multiple plays on your stereo.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Abominable Electronics | Guitar & Bass Pedals from Hell

In the mass market of guitar pedals, it can be tough to find the right pedals for your tone. For those of you that want a heavy distortion sound, there is a new option that will rip your soul in pieces. Abominable Electronics has the pedals that will melt faces and summon the powers of hell right to your rig.

I am always on the prowl for new pedals to have on hand here at the studio. Many of my clients like to use distortion & fuzz on their tracks, so I went on a search for something new that would offer something more than the standard Boss, Ibanez, or the horde of pedals available.

My search lead me to the handmade pedals of Abominable Electronics. Hailing from North Carolina, these pedals are built tough and live up to their appearance. I ordered the HAIL SATAN DELUXE pedal and it has been a workhorse. The "Dirt" pot dials in subtle fuzz to bone-crushing distortion that works for all ranges of hard and heavy music. The deluxe version of this pedal offers both the standard Hail Satan option + the Russian version. The Russian toggle dials in a smoother signal response that has worked magic on bass tracks that need some fuzz, but want to retain the low end punch. This pedal is perfect for all fuzz/distortion applications and can even be a great reamp pedal for double tracking vocals. The power is unmatched and this pedal will be a cornerstone of my pedal board for a long time to come.

This pedal is extremely versatile with the ability to adjust so many parameters of the signal. Priced at a modest $200, this is a must-have pedal.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The New Position | NOT

Emerging from the carnage of over-saturated media is a difficult thing to do. With so many online radio stations and mobile apps that are streaming music non-stop to the public, it can be very difficult to find good music. I've created this blog to feature some of the musicians that you may have missed in the shuffle.

One band that rises to the top of my list as one of the greatest unknown bands is THE NEW POSITION. As a child of the late 80's and early 90's, I grew up listening to some of the most influential hard rock and alternative music that has shaped our modern society. Bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, and Metallica are all staples of what paved the way for modern contemporary rock music.

TNP has reinvented the simplicity of heavy rock music with the delicate touch of female vocals. TNP's music of heavy guitar riffs that shred your soul and drum beats that kick you into next week are what lay the foundation for this impressive trio.

Modest Goddess layers her thought provoking vocals over this hard rock music with such grace and elegance. Lyrics that get stuck in your head are the best kind because they strike a chord with your soul. MG's lyrics and vocal talent are not to be over-looked. This band is a hidden gem in the mass confusion of today's music industry. I predict it is only a matter of time before TNP becomes world famous and takes the crown as the reigning hard rock band of this coming decade.

ARTIST: The New Position
ALBUM: Exit Only


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Martinovich | The Guardians

DLH Music ReviewsMartinovich has released a new track and it is proclaimed the Deep Underground Grunge Techno Song. The heavy hitting bass riff will move your very soul as it grips your chest and pulls you into the depths of the music.The music is a journey into the psyche of your imagination. Perfect sound track music, this new track titled, "The Guardians" is perfect driving music or great high-energy music for your workout.

The electronic synths materialize in your mind and solidify this impressive composition by Martinovich. There are not many musicians out there that can produce powerful instrumentals that develop a different emotion in each individual listener. Martinovich has proven that talent is in the blood and music is the key to unlocking the soul.

"The Guardians" is a timeless classic that will resonate with people throughout time. The beauty of music that is sculpted by human hands and energized by machines will always be appreciated. Download the new track for free on Martinovich's soundcloud page. Get the music down in your soul.

Song Name: The Guardians
Artist Name: Martinovich
Influences: East Europe, Scandinavia, Euro sound.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bruce Cohen | Blue Stomp

New music is here and this go around I'm listening to Bruce Cohen. The first single, Blue Stomp, from the album THREE BC is an eclectic amalgamation of digital synths and a solid back beat of drums & bass.

Somewhere between the ethereal trance of Pink Floyd's musical magic and the sounds of nature that surround us everyday you will find the music of Bruce Cohen. The rhythm keeps you moving and pulls you into the next moment in time. The combination of man and machine have found a state of harmony that pleases the ear. Bruce has found his center of peace and manifested it into a blend of sounds that sooth the soul and energize the heart.

I highly recommend that you listen to Bruce's music on headphones. the spacial movement of his compositions will transport you into another dimension of consciousness. Just close your eyes and get swept away to a new land of imagination and wonder.

Download a FREE mp3 of BLUE STOMP on SoundCloud ►

ARTIST: Bruce Cohen
SONG: Blue Stomp

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

LeVanTay | beYOUtiful

LeVanTay has released her new single, "beYOUtiful" and it is a winner. Her soft voice is so calming to the ear and the strength of her lyrics give some muscle to the message of the music.

The world needs more positive messengers. LeVanTay is a role model for the direction our society needs to be moving towards. Her positive and uplifting music can heal the world and bring more harmony to our society.

Take a moment to watch her new video and share her music with your friends, family, and those connected to you.

Visit her website:

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ryan Helman

Ryan Helman has revived the classical sound of the early days of rock music. Fans of the Beatles will find a kindled interest in Ryan's music. It's no surprise that Ryan resides in the U.K. and thus his music is rightly inspired by some of the greatest musical legends.

The track "Bowl of Something" has the classic sound with some mixed ingredients that are reminiscent of the popular music from the 80's. The feel good music just puts you in the right mood to relax and realign your day. Ryan has really composed music that puts you in a mood to move to the rhythm and find yourself shedding all the worries that have been hanging on your subconscious.

Take a moment to check out his music and add it to your media library. The tracks will fit right in with your Beatles or 80s playlists. It's good to always add new music to stimulate your mind and soul. Ryan's music has an upbeat attitude that will keep you moving in the right direction.

Artist: Ryan Helman
Track: Bowl of Something
Influences: The Beatles, Elvis Costello, SUM 41, McFly, Thin Lizzy

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The debut album from $plurge has arrived! The lyricist that hypnotizes your ears with smooth drops of slappin' dictation has released the first single "Gimmie Gimmie." The 808 will kick your body into the motion pulling your head from side to side. This track has more than potential to be a long-time hit that will find a spot on the regular rotation in the clubs. Music that has the ability to captivate and then also blend into the background is what really makes hit songs last the test of time. "Gimmie Gimmie" has the lasting prowess to be a track that will find its way into clubs and iPod playlists. You heard it here first, $plurge is going to make a big splash in the music industry.

Artist: $plurge
Album: Urge 2 $plurge
Influences: Bone Thugs 'n Harmony, Tupac, Jay-Z, Eminem

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PSy' Aviah | Never Look Back / Words

Music can be a great way to convey emotion. PSy' Aviah has found a way to capture the idea and portray it through music. The album cover is a perfect representation of where the music is going to take you. Deep electronic rhythms resonate throughout this enigmatic music and transport the mind to another dimension of emotion.

The track "Never Look Back" takes you on a voyage through the cosmos of the subconscious. Ellia Bisker guides you through the uncharted and unknown future. Moving forward is all we can do in this life and this track has the motion that keeps music traveling into the future of humanity.

The strong female vocals of J Airi on the track, "Words," resonate deep into the message of the song. Her passion is expressed in the powerful annunciation of the lyrics. The concept has been achieved and this album has the potential to be a timeless classic.

Fans of Moby, Dido, Ian Pooley, BT, & Lindsey Sterling will find a musical connection to the music of PSy' Aviah. The symphonic melodies configure a complex array of imagination.

Members: Yves Schelpe (Music & Lyrics)
*lyrics on "Never Look Back" by Ellia Bisker
Band: PSy'Aviah (aka Open-Minded Electronic Music With Heart & Soul)

Thursday, October 15, 2015


A midst the sea of indie musicians, there are a few that come along and captivate the world. STV is a musician that strikes a deep chord with melody and emotion. Front man, Steve Counts, has the purity of a musician that connects on a spiritual level with his own songs. A connection that is starting to become more and more rare as pop music evolves.

The music on his recent album, "VCR," is a collection of tunes that are crafted with lyrics from the subconscious and bring imagination back into everyday life. It is hard to believe that these tracks almost didn't see the light of day.

Songs like "Suburban Function" resonate with the day-to-day life that so many of us experience in this modern world of constant responsibility. Another track, "Love is a Wild Bird," has the elegance of a contemporary ballad for fans of acoustic music. The magic is in the lyrics and the refined delivery of the vocal tracks.

Fans of BECK, Ween, U2, Macy Playground, The Flamming Lips, & Nick Drake will love the music of STV.

More info & music samples at Hembot Records:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Shimmy Cotter | A Voice of Passion

Shimmy has taken the world by the sound of her sultry voice. Her vocal range is beyond impressive. Her songs resonate deep within her soul and the emotion pours out of her music and captivates the listener. Shimmy is living proof that dreams do come true. As a little girl, Shimmy dreamed of singing professionally on stage. Now at the dawn of her young career, she is getting immediate attention from all over the world. Musicians feel honored to grace the stage with such a versatile vocalist.

This beautiful femme fatal also has a knack for taking home all the chips. Shimmy is an excellent poker shark and can read the best, so she always takes home her fair share of winnings. Her song, "Show Me the River" has become an iconic song in the music world. Leaving nothing to chance, Shimmy has used her fortune to invest in her fame on the stage. She's beautiful, smart, intriguing, and has the element of surprise. 

Her debut single, "Don't You Remember," can be heard on Shine On Studio's Music page.

Friday, September 25, 2015


New music from the musical duo from Athens, GA, Carnelia, has just emerged. The track, "AS I WALK" from the album, The Journey of Man, takes the listener on a dreamy psychedelic trip into the realm of the subconscious.

The mellow mood of the music has a captivating embrace. Fans of Pink Floyd and Maroon 5 will rejoice with the discovery of this new band. If you're an old school rocker from the era of Dire Straights, then you should take a moment to hear what this band is composing.

The lyrical content is uplifting and positive. Thought-provoking music is always a great way to strengthen your soul and reinforce the day to day lifestyle that we all strive to achieve. The music is produced and recorded professionally, so this is an easy recommendation. Have a listen to them and leave a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Worldwide Groove Corporation | Until I Have You

Electronica has a new heavy-weight contender! Worldwide Groove Corporation is making waves that are going to sweep everyone off their feet. WGC's music is a perfect balance of vocal tone and musical ingenuity. Ellen Tift displays her songwriting mastery on every track. Her vocals will mesmerize you and send you off to a dreamy world of ecstasy and serenity. 

Kurt Goebel shows off his impressive production talents on the track "Until I Have You" with rhythms and beats that are chill and seductive. Together this team of talented musicians have combined forces to write some of the most powerful and emotion filled songs that this writer has heard in decades. Fans of Portishead, Poe, The Sneaker Pimps, and Broadcast will absolutely love the music by the Worldwide Groove Corporation. 

This dynamic duo is going to make a big impact on the music industry and I'm betting that you will hear their music in a major theatrical release in the very near future.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Traklabz | 2 Fly 4 July

Traklabz is a local San Francisco Bay Area production team that has been creating new music for experimental hip hop ventures. SP & Mr. Weekly are the dynamic duo that have just released the debut video for their newest track, "2 Fly 4 July."

Looking to expand your music library? Then you should give a listen to what these creative gentlemen are composing. The music speaks for itself.

Be sure to visit the TRACKLABZ website:

Justin Fawsitt | Preposthumous

It's Thursday and a great day for listening to new music.  My recommendation today is Justin B Fawsitt:

Justin writes a lot of original music. His style of music blends rock, blues, jazz, fusion, and contemporary pop into a sound that is extremely unique. Born and raised in Ireland, Justin has developed a deep passion for his homeland and it saturates the mood of his music. His years here in the USA have been inspiration to blend the experiences of both lands and develop the character of his tunes with a distinct flare for all the roads he has been down.

We've spent many days in the studio working on recording and mixing his latest album, PREPOSTHUMOUS. If you like the music, you can buy a copy of the CD from Justin's website:

The CD came out great and would be a great addition to any music collection. Each song has it's own style and will move you!

 P.S. Stephanie & I did backing vocals on the track "Two Black Eyes"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Third Thought | Gentleman's Curse Lifted

Old school punk, folk, & rock fans, you have some new music to get excited about. Third Thought is a band from Fremont, OH that has been inspired by some of the greatest musicians of all time like the Beatles, The Who, The Replacements, The Clash, Alice in Chains, & System of a Down, just to name a few. Third Thought is the songwriting platform for singer-songwriter/guitarist Matt Ingles. Mat has been playing guitar and writing songs since the age of 14. Matt has always been heavily influenced by various genres of rock and music in general ranging from Thrash Metal to 60s pop, and anything else he finds interesting, passionate, and composed uniquely.

The band is currently mixing their debut album, Speaking Vibes, and should be available in the very near future. Gentlemans Curse Lifted is the debut track from the album and it has tones that remind me of Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy" with just a touch of influence from the alternative punk scene that was raging in the late '90s. The raw vocal sound is the first thing that grips you and draws you into the music. The musical composition is accustomed to having that rock edge with the dial pulled back ever so slightly to the folk sound of the industry. Fans of WEEN will be overjoyed that the guitar solo has moments that will take you back to the days of Chocolate and Cheese. Definitely a band you should take a moment to hear and find out if you've just found your new favorite band.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Warme | Council House Opera

  • Artist: WARME
  • Track: Council House Opera
Rock n' Roll is alive and kicking! The Brit Indie Rockers 'WARME' are building back the iconic empire or the classic rock that fueled the music industry through the last century. The single "Council House Opera" has a familiar sound that was reminiscent of some of the most memorable bands from the '90s. Tones of BUSH, The VERVE, & SOUL ASYLUM are evident in the heart-pounding rock of WARME.
The music industry has been over saturated with so many musicians that it has become more and more difficult to discover new music that needs to be heard. WARME is one of the bands that will rise to the top with the music that grips your soul and takes you for a ride. Council House Opera was written by the band's lead singer, Lee, and has lyrics that relate to the band's real life struggles. Lyrics that relate to everyone on some level and point to the realities of our modern society.  WARME is a band for any rock enthusiast and should be on a stage near you in the near future.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Red Martian | Ghost into the Fog

Beatles & vintage rock enthusiasts get excited for the new album from Red Martian. The 13th commercial release from the band has finally arrived and is a masterpiece of modern recording while retaining the classic sound of the past decades of music. The new album, Ghost into the Fog, is a collection of songs that draws the ear in closer to the music as the album progresses. With the mesmerizing vocals that are reminiscent of the iconic band Oasis from the 90's, this album has a sound that will appeal to fans from all music genres.

The saturation of the guitars ranges from the grunge era of the early 90's to the modern contemporary rock sound of bands breaking ground in the music industry today. Yet, there is a dreamy tone to the melody of the music that brings back memories of the early days in the Beatles music. If you're a fan of the Beatles or the early 60's & 70's pop rock era and you've never heard of Red Martian, then you're in for a treat! This is a band that you can add to your music collection and fall in love with their songs just as you have with the music that you've known and heard for many years. The music has energy and will have you tapping your feet to the beat. Then they slow it down and sooth you with mellow tunes that will let you drift away in to a state of relaxation and contemplation.

Ghost into the Fog is an album that will be a nice addition to any music lover's collection. The band enjoyed working with the well-known producer, Gordon Raphael. Whom has produced bands like Strokes, Regina Spektor, & Sky Cries Mary just to name a few. You'll immediately hear the care and quality that went into every step of the recording process to make the album timeless and cherished by all that hear it's music.

Take a moment to treat your ears to the sound of Red Martian, there's a song on the album that will resonate with you.


New Music Monday is here and I'm moving all my reviews over to this blog address. I've got a good one for you today. Dirty Tricks has released a new remix featuring Sophia Stutchbury for the track, "I Feel." Go to my page and listen to their music in my NEW MUSIC playlist.

The fusion of EDM, House, Hip Hop, Rap, and Symphonic Trance are all present in this new creation from the musicians that are creating waves in the industry. You will come across the enticing sounds of Dirty Tricks before long and you can get them in your digital sound library now.

Sophia's voice is angelic. The music has a rhythm that will get your hips in motion and bring you to a higher mental state. Music is the elixir that fuels the soul and this track has all the right ingredients to get you motivated to keep soaring.

For more music reviews, visit our main studio website: