Friday, December 11, 2015

Red Martian | Slow Motion Samurai

Seattle has a booming music scene and one of the bands that is making headway is Red Martian. The new album, SLOW MOTION SAMURAI, is just another crowning achievement for the seasoned musicians.

The album is like a fine martini that has been shaken, not stirred. There are tones of elegance in the vintage riffs of the guitars. Yet, the album has a remarkably strong modern feel to the composition of the music. Just as bands like Weezer broke ground on establishing a new style of an already popular genre, so does Red Martian take the listener to new heights.

The avant-garde emotion of the album kept me in another frame of mind as each track pulled a new emotion from my consciousness. I like music to travel and move me from the mundane repetition of everyday life. I really like the journey that SLOW MOTION SAMURAI takes me on when I get a moment to zone-out and just sink into the music. A great album for driving, entertaining guests, or just chilling on the beach watching the waves roll in. My favorite track on the album is track #2, Emeraldas. It has a classic sound of the 1970's with the drive and power of modern rock.

SLOW MOTION SAMURAI is currently available for only $6 on Bandcamp.  Go and listen to the album for free on the Bandcamp page. Support musicians by purchasing their music. This is an album that is worthy of multiple plays on your stereo.

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