Thursday, November 26, 2015

Martinovich | The Guardians

DLH Music ReviewsMartinovich has released a new track and it is proclaimed the Deep Underground Grunge Techno Song. The heavy hitting bass riff will move your very soul as it grips your chest and pulls you into the depths of the music.The music is a journey into the psyche of your imagination. Perfect sound track music, this new track titled, "The Guardians" is perfect driving music or great high-energy music for your workout.

The electronic synths materialize in your mind and solidify this impressive composition by Martinovich. There are not many musicians out there that can produce powerful instrumentals that develop a different emotion in each individual listener. Martinovich has proven that talent is in the blood and music is the key to unlocking the soul.

"The Guardians" is a timeless classic that will resonate with people throughout time. The beauty of music that is sculpted by human hands and energized by machines will always be appreciated. Download the new track for free on Martinovich's soundcloud page. Get the music down in your soul.

Song Name: The Guardians
Artist Name: Martinovich
Influences: East Europe, Scandinavia, Euro sound.

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