Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rehya Stevens | Good Man

Music is constantly evolving to a point where the emotion actually becomes a part of the music. In a sense, you can feel the emotion that the artist intends through the words and expression of the voice. Rehya Stevens has masterfully captured an emotion in her music and brought new life to the sound of pop music. The amount of time and dedication that she has invested in her music shows beautifully through her 2013 album release "Vintage Love." There are direct relations to many well-respected musicians who are clearly an influence in Rehya's music. Influences from Stevie Wonder and Madonna are a guiding force on this album, providing great music for fans of Pop/R&B Crossover.

The single, "Good Man" is a great example of where the emotion becomes part of the music. Rehya's lyrics bring introspective thought and feelings into the listener's mind. The perfect way to get emotions embedded in the head of all that hear her music. It's more than a new album that you should put on your list of new artists, this could be one of your regular playlist albums. Take some time to check out the album and download the tracks to your computer for your listening pleasure.

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