Friday, April 22, 2016

Souleye | Labeled

New track from the master of lyrical flow, Souleye. The track titled "Labeled" has a new sound that is a refreshing reprieve from the mass media coverage of over-produced manufactured music. With a smooth delivery of intellectual content, Souleye brings the public a track that can be a beacon of hope for a new world.

The vintage vibe of the beat is just the right ambiance for the mood of energy that pours like crystal clear water from Souleye's mind. His words ring a truth that everyone should clap their hands at to praise his honesty. Take a moment to listen to his point of view and procure your own point of reality.

Artist: Souleye
Single: Labeled

Recent Performances: Arizona's Gem and Jam Festival
# Albums : 5
# EP: 1

Most recent album: Shapeshifting

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