Monday, September 21, 2015


New Music Monday is here and I'm moving all my reviews over to this blog address. I've got a good one for you today. Dirty Tricks has released a new remix featuring Sophia Stutchbury for the track, "I Feel." Go to my page and listen to their music in my NEW MUSIC playlist.

The fusion of EDM, House, Hip Hop, Rap, and Symphonic Trance are all present in this new creation from the musicians that are creating waves in the industry. You will come across the enticing sounds of Dirty Tricks before long and you can get them in your digital sound library now.

Sophia's voice is angelic. The music has a rhythm that will get your hips in motion and bring you to a higher mental state. Music is the elixir that fuels the soul and this track has all the right ingredients to get you motivated to keep soaring.

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