Thursday, September 24, 2015

Justin Fawsitt | Preposthumous

It's Thursday and a great day for listening to new music.  My recommendation today is Justin B Fawsitt:

Justin writes a lot of original music. His style of music blends rock, blues, jazz, fusion, and contemporary pop into a sound that is extremely unique. Born and raised in Ireland, Justin has developed a deep passion for his homeland and it saturates the mood of his music. His years here in the USA have been inspiration to blend the experiences of both lands and develop the character of his tunes with a distinct flare for all the roads he has been down.

We've spent many days in the studio working on recording and mixing his latest album, PREPOSTHUMOUS. If you like the music, you can buy a copy of the CD from Justin's website:

The CD came out great and would be a great addition to any music collection. Each song has it's own style and will move you!

 P.S. Stephanie & I did backing vocals on the track "Two Black Eyes"

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