Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PSy' Aviah | Never Look Back / Words

Music can be a great way to convey emotion. PSy' Aviah has found a way to capture the idea and portray it through music. The album cover is a perfect representation of where the music is going to take you. Deep electronic rhythms resonate throughout this enigmatic music and transport the mind to another dimension of emotion.

The track "Never Look Back" takes you on a voyage through the cosmos of the subconscious. Ellia Bisker guides you through the uncharted and unknown future. Moving forward is all we can do in this life and this track has the motion that keeps music traveling into the future of humanity.

The strong female vocals of J Airi on the track, "Words," resonate deep into the message of the song. Her passion is expressed in the powerful annunciation of the lyrics. The concept has been achieved and this album has the potential to be a timeless classic.

Fans of Moby, Dido, Ian Pooley, BT, & Lindsey Sterling will find a musical connection to the music of PSy' Aviah. The symphonic melodies configure a complex array of imagination.

Members: Yves Schelpe (Music & Lyrics)
*lyrics on "Never Look Back" by Ellia Bisker
Band: PSy'Aviah (aka Open-Minded Electronic Music With Heart & Soul)

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