Monday, October 12, 2015

Shimmy Cotter | A Voice of Passion

Shimmy has taken the world by the sound of her sultry voice. Her vocal range is beyond impressive. Her songs resonate deep within her soul and the emotion pours out of her music and captivates the listener. Shimmy is living proof that dreams do come true. As a little girl, Shimmy dreamed of singing professionally on stage. Now at the dawn of her young career, she is getting immediate attention from all over the world. Musicians feel honored to grace the stage with such a versatile vocalist.

This beautiful femme fatal also has a knack for taking home all the chips. Shimmy is an excellent poker shark and can read the best, so she always takes home her fair share of winnings. Her song, "Show Me the River" has become an iconic song in the music world. Leaving nothing to chance, Shimmy has used her fortune to invest in her fame on the stage. She's beautiful, smart, intriguing, and has the element of surprise. 

Her debut single, "Don't You Remember," can be heard on Shine On Studio's Music page.

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