Thursday, October 15, 2015


A midst the sea of indie musicians, there are a few that come along and captivate the world. STV is a musician that strikes a deep chord with melody and emotion. Front man, Steve Counts, has the purity of a musician that connects on a spiritual level with his own songs. A connection that is starting to become more and more rare as pop music evolves.

The music on his recent album, "VCR," is a collection of tunes that are crafted with lyrics from the subconscious and bring imagination back into everyday life. It is hard to believe that these tracks almost didn't see the light of day.

Songs like "Suburban Function" resonate with the day-to-day life that so many of us experience in this modern world of constant responsibility. Another track, "Love is a Wild Bird," has the elegance of a contemporary ballad for fans of acoustic music. The magic is in the lyrics and the refined delivery of the vocal tracks.

Fans of BECK, Ween, U2, Macy Playground, The Flamming Lips, & Nick Drake will love the music of STV.

More info & music samples at Hembot Records:

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