Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chris Davidson | What If It's Me

Chris Davidson has released a new single, "What If It's Me" for his new album. The song has a dark love theme that resonates deep from the soul. His lyrics convey deep emotion and bring a meaningful perspective to how love can affect all of us. The ambiance of the music sets the stage for the dramatic performance and envelopes the message. This song has a great digital rhythm similar to the Flamming Lips and the vocals spread across the spectrum just like Maroon 5. Chris' music will reach to fans of rock, pop, and alternative music lovers.

Production quality is top notch on this album. Chris has teamed up with producer David Richards (Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Michael Jackson) to create a song that will last for many years in the hearts of the world. It is great to have new music with such emotion and production quality and we have Rubicon Media to thank for putting their faith in Chris' music. 

Check out Rubicon Media's blog for more info and details about Chris Davidson's music.

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