Monday, February 22, 2016

Eric Borgos | The Wonder Years

Songwriters are the pulse of the music industry. Without them, there would be a huge void in the world of music. Instruments alone cannot convey the passion and emotion that are carried by the composition of lyrics. Some of the most influential songs over history would not have been as popular if not for the deep and striking lyrics that  resonate over and over in the minds of listeners.

Let me introduce you to Eric Borgos, a songwriter that has been gaining momentum and crafting lyrical and musical compositions that are revered by countless fans around the world. His latest creation is "The Wonders Years" and it has the recipe for being a song that will be cherished by a wide range of music lovers. Eric is the genius that crafts the songs and then he finds talented musicians to perform his masterpieces. Chris Davidson performed this particular song and it has the sound that it duly deserves. Fans of the 90's music will find a resonating similarity in sound and composition with this track. For your soft rock playlist, this is an excellent addition.

Music will come and go in our lives, but certain songs have lasting power that follow us for the entire ride. "The Wonder Years" just may be one of those songs that follows you for a long time. Sit back and listen to the audio bliss created by Eric and Chris. I'm sure you'll find that the music gets down in your soul and finds a way to lighten your mood. 

Artist Name: Eric Borgos - Songwriter
Song Name: The Wonder Years (Performed by Chris Davidson)
Free streaming of all 3 albums:
Influences: U2, Bruce Springsteen, and Bryan Adams.

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